November 15 - 16, 2019
BYU Wilkinson Center
Schedule of Events

Until the detailed schedule of events is posted please refer to the Block Schedule of Events below.  This information shows which events will be held adjacent to each other in "blocks" throughout each day.  This can be helpful to anticipate if your events will take place early or late during the daytime sessions.  The final detailed schedule should be posted approximately one week prior to the competition. 


Friday daytime - block 1
Adult Novice Latin (S,R)
Junior I Rhythm (CC,SW,M)
Junior I Ballroom (W,T,Q)
High School - Newcomer Rhythm (CC)

Friday daytime - block 2
Adult Pre-Championship Rhythm (CC,B,M)
Adult Novice Smooth (W,F)
Youth Smooth (W,T,F,VW)
High School - Syllaus Latin (R)

Friday daytime - block 3
Adult Pre-Championship Ballroom (W,T,Q)
Youth Ballroom (W,T,VW,F,Q)
High School - Syllabus Ballroom (Q)

Friday daytime - block 4
Youth Pre-Championship Latin (CC,S,R)
BYU Dance 380 - Gold American (W)
BYU Dance 385 - Gold II Latin (R)
BYU Dance 484 - Gold Bar Ballroom (Q)

Friday evening - block 1
BYU Dance 184 - Bronze Ballroom (Q)
BYU Dance 280 - Silver American (SW)
BYU Dance 285 - Silver Latin (R)
BYU Dance 383 - Gold I Latin (PD)

Friday evening - block 2
Adult Amateur Smooth Championship (W,T,F,VW)
Junior II Rhythm (CC,SW,M)
Utah State High School Team Match

Friday evening - block 3
Adult Amateur Latin Championship (CC,S,R,PD,J)
Junior II Ballroom (W,T,Q)

Saturday daytime - block 1
BYU Dance 180 - Bronze American (CC)
BYU Dance 181 - Bronze Country Western (TS)
BYU Dance 185 - Bronze Latin (S)
BYU Dance 281 - Silver Country Western (PO)
BYU Dance 284 - Silver Ballroom (W)

Saturday daytime - block 2
Youth Pre-Championship Ballroom (W,T,Q)
Junior High School - Newcomer Rhythm (CC)
Elementary School - Syllabus Rhythm (SW)

Saturday daytime - block 3
Adult Novice Ballroom (W,Q)
Junior High School - Syllabus Ballroom (W)
Elementary School - Newcomer Rhythm (CC)

Saturday daytime - block 4
Youth Pre-Championship Smooth (W,T,F)
Pre-Teen I & II Ballroom (W,Q)
Junior High School - Syllabus Latin (S)
Elementary School - Syllabus Ballroom (W)

Saturday daytime - block 5
Adult Pre-Championship Latin (CC,S,R)
Pre-Teen I & II Latin (CC,S)
Elementary School - Syllabus Latin (S)

Saturday evening - block 1
Junior I Smooth (W,T,F)
BYU Dance 382 - Gold I Ballroom (T)
BYU Dance 384 - Gold II Ballroom (F)
BYU Dance 480 - Gold Bar American (T)
BYU Dance 485 - Gold Bar Latin (CC)

Saturday evening - block 2
Youth Latin (CC,S,R,PD,J)
Junior I Latin (CC,S,R)
BYU Open West Coast Swing

Saturday evening - block 3
Adult Amateur Cabaret Championship (LM)
Adult Amateur Rhythm Championship (CC,R,SW,B,M)
Adult Pre-Championship Smooth (W,T,F)
Junior II Smooth (W,T,F)

Saturday evening - block 4
Adult Amateur Ballroom Championship (W,T,VW,F,Q)
Junior II Latin (CC,S,R)


Curt Holman, Lee Wakefield, and Brent Keck
288 Richards Building, Brigham Young University
Provo, UT  84602

Tel: (801) 422-4623